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Frequently Asked Questions 



How Is Your Limousine Company Different From Anyone Else?

Sunshine Limousine Service is committed to providing the newest cars at the best price, with the best service in the Northwest.  Anyone can say this but with us it is an obsession.  We love our jobs, and it shows.  Your limousine will be on time, your chauffeur will be professionally attired, and you will get the limo you paid for.  We do not offer subpar limousines, we never overbook our cars, and we treat all clients as if they were our most important ones.  If a problem does arise, we will always refund your money. 

What Is Included In My Limousine Reservation?

All of our limousines include soda, bottled water and ice.  All limousine clients also receive free photo magnets featuring a picture of their group in front of a limousine.  Special packages can be added to your reservation as well at little or no charge.  Besides the extras, we are committed to providing the best possible service to all of our customers.  Your chauffeur will assist you in planning your event, and is available to serve you in any way you require.  When you book a limousine with us excellence is always included in the price!

Why Is Gratuity Included In The Total Price?

We include the driver's gratuity in all of our reservations for the convenience of our clients, and to ensure that we can hire extraordinary people to represent our company.  Our drivers are the best compensated chauffeurs in the limousine industry, and you can tell the difference!  Many companies do not include gratuity in the prices they quote their clients.  This amounts to an extra tax on passengers on the day of their reservation.  With Sunshine Limousine Service you can be assured that the price we quote you is what you pay, always! 

What If I Find A Cheaper Deal Somewhere Else?

Our company is committed to being the best value in the Portland area.  If you ever find a lower price with another company, we will honor their rate at a 10% discount.  Please bear in mind that many companies will try to sell you an old, rundown limousine, and many do not include gratuity in the price you are quoted on the phone.

What Discounts Are Available?

Sunshine Limo Service will always offer you a discounted rate during slow booking periods.  This includes all reservations Sunday Evening through Friday afternoon, as well as all reservations in January and February.  Call to check out special deals and promotions anytime!  We list our rates on our website to give clients the most information possible to make their decision.  You will never pay more, you will often pay less!

Can I Drink Alcohol In The Limousine?

It is perfectly legal to drink alcohol in the back of a limousine, provided you are over 21 years of age.  We do not allow underage drinking, and your driver will strictly enforce this rule. 

How Can I Contact My Driver On The Day Of My Reservation?

Your driver will call you to confirm your limo reservation the evening before he is scheduled to pick you up.  All of our drivers carry cell phones, and your chauffeur will make sure that you have this number.  If you are unable to reach your driver for any reason you can call our office, 24 hours a day, at (503) 297-4188.

What Is Included In A Wine Tour?

All winery tour clients receive complimentary orange juice for mimosas, as well as refreshments and photo magnets, which are included in all limo reservations.  We also plan a list of wineries for you to visit.  This can range from offering a standard tour for those who are not familiar with the wineries in the Portland area, or we can work closely with you to select wineries specifically catered to your group's desires.  Our office will call the wineries to schedule group tastings.  Many of the wineries in Oregon charge tasting fees, which can range from $3 to $50 a person.  Our prices do not include these tasting fees, which are paid directly to the wineries.  Many of the vineyards will refund tasting fees with wine purchases, and our coordinators will make inform you of specific amount each winery you are scheduled to visit will charge before we finalize your tour. 

What Are The Photo Magnets And The Photo CDs?

All clients of Sunshine Limousine Service receive free photo magnets featuring their group in front of a limousine.  For example, if you book a wine tour your driver will take a photo of your group at a vineyard with the limousine in the background.  We will mail you enough magnets with this picture for everyone in your group.  These magnets look great on the fridge or in the office, and are only offered with our limousine service!  Photo CDs, which are included in several limousine packages, include several photos of your group taken throughout your reservation, and will be sent in the mail along with your magnets.  Any pictures your driver takes will also be available via email upon request.